Production Outsourcing

We offer a range of specific outsourcing services for the companies who needs complex support in various production processes and logistics.

  • Production support / Assembly

    Assembling of components for automotive

    Assembling components or combining semi-finished products with components to make a complete product. Depending on requirements and needs, the assembly might be done manually, semi-automatically or automatically. The services are performed on our company premises. Our company also ensures the delivery of finished products to customers. This makes it possible to reduce the number of assembly positions in the factory, thus making room for new projects.

  • Selection / Sorting / Quality Control

    Sorting of automotive components

    Sorting any kind of elements, subassemblies and finished products takes place at 100% quality control, in accordance with the Client's requirements. This process includes selection by dimensional, quantitative or visual features. This service consists in visual control by means of highlighted tables, magnifiers or specialist tools for control/measurement. This enables to separate and secure a possibly defective batch of product, so that it could not enter the production line or be supplied to your client.

  • Repair

    Quality control of production parts

    Defects are amended with the use of necessary tools in order to restore operational properties of a defective element. This process ensures that only those parts which are in line with detailed qualitative specification reach production line after repair, thus enabling continuous and uninterrupted course of production.

Our services are flexible and adapted to the Client's products flow, in order to meet their current production plans. We guarantee safety and confidentiality of the information we have been provided with. Our production process is governed by the Client's technological requirements and quality standards. We have well-equipped and protected halls, where production - installation orders are performed. We guarantee timely provision of services, maintaining appropriate level of quality and cost effectiveness. We wish to be a partner to our Clients, a partner who perfectly understands their needs and who can provide means of their effective and timely execution.

Contact us and we will prepare for you an individual offer perfectly adjusted to your needs.

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