Mailing fulfilment

Enveloping leaflets

Our mailing offer is directed to all companies which are searching for optimal solutions in the field of company correspondence. Depending on our customers’ needs, we offer full service in terms of letters and parcels dispatch, i.e. printing, packing, addressing, completing dispatch documents and dispatch itself, where our customers just deliver the content to be posted in an electronic version. We also carry out selected services of enveloping and material preparation process, such as personalization, re-packing, film wrapping and other.

  • Fulfilment process

    We offer a complex realization of fulfilment process, including both documents and promotional materials printing and procuring of envelopes, packaging and labels. We use our own printing machines, but we also cooperate with reliable printing houses and printing materials suppliers.

  • Parcels assembly and packing

    We offer both manual and machine correspondence packing. As an alternative to enveloping, we also foil wrap letters, brochures, leaflets etc.

  • Post operators choice

    We advice on the selection of post operators appropriate to your requirements and the specificity of each dispatch. Thanks to that your company can optimize dispatch costs.

  • Preparation for dispatch

    Depending on the operator’s requirements and the specificity of products, we mark parcels in an appropriate way and complete all necessary dispatch documents.

  • Forwarding to post operators and couriers

    When letters or parcels ready for dispatch, we send them to the previously selected operators.

  • Data safety

    Confidentiality and customers’ safety is our priority. We ensure complete protection of personal data, taking special care and measures so that your data was accessible only to authorized staff of our company.

If you wish to receive additional information about our services and offer, please, contact our office.

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