Inserting products into newspapers

For customers who want their products to be advertised more visibly through distribution with a popular magazine or other product we provide diverse inserting services. Inserting requires manual work done with a high precision, because this ensures that the advertised product is placed properly and will certainly reach the final customer. That is why all inserting services we provide are done manually.

We insert flyers, brochures, questionnaires, samples, sachets, CDs, DVDs and other gadgets. They can be inserted at random or in a specific place in a magazine or other product. We offer different types of inserting services:

  • loose inserting - the insert is placed loosely in the main product,
  • pasting – the insert is attached to then main product with the use of glue, glue dots or adhesive tapes.

Contact us to receive a more detailed information on our inserting services.

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