About us

Packing for cardboard boxes

Our company was created as a solution for companies which need support in back-office processes and all kinds of co-packing activities. Thanks to us companies can concentrate on their core activities, optimize costs and become more flexible in meeting their customers’ requirements and needs.

Family business with tradition

We are a family company. Business and culture values and also human dignity are our every-day priorities. We started our company in 2010. The rich experiences in logistics, production and packing that we gained not only during these years, but also earlier, allows us to understand well the needs of our customers and always meet their requirements. We deliver services in the field of co-packing, mailing and services including manual work and assembly. All work is done manually or with the use of specialist equipment. We work with materials delivered by our customers or with materials procured by our company. We ensure prompt fulfilment of assignments at competitive prices.

Packaging services for companies

The success of our company is co-created by our team who cooperates with the company management and takes over their motivation and determination to always reach best results. Our relations are based on ethics, team work, conscious leadership and the sense of community and loyalty. The fact that we are a family company also translates into an exceptional work atmosphere. What is more, effective development and activities has become the basis for our high level organisational culture.

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